About Us

Sahib Bandgi Spiritual Organisation was established in the year 1992 by Sant Satguru Madhu Paramhansji. He is truly the only living Sant Satguru in this world who completely rules over formless mind and body. He knows the secret behind the creation of this universe along with every aspect of spirituality and religion. Sahib Bandgi Spiritual Organisation is purely non-profitable organisation with no affiliation whatsoever to any commercial or political organisation, around the world. Sant Satguru Madhu Paramhans Sahib endearingly called as "Sahibji" guides soul of an individual to follow the path of Satya Bhakti with His ultimate spiritual powers and attain permanent salvation. Established in the year 1992, Sahib Bandgi Spiritual Organisation has expanded far and wide. Today, there are lakhs of devotees around the world who have adopted the ideology of SahibJi and have been blessed with real Alive Holy Name i.e.Sanjeevan Naam. He liberates the soul of an individual from the clutches of Formless Mind i.e.Nirakaar Mann or Niranjan through the power of this Holy Name leading to permanent salvation from the endless cycle of birth and death. Sahibji reveals all the hidden secrets/mysteries related to Body, Mind, Soul, Universe, 5 Elements, God, Sargun Bhakti, Nirgun Bhakti and Satya Bhakti. His discourses are so simple but so profound in meaning that it awakens the soul of an individual and makes him/her realize the real motive of human life i.e. to attain Nirvana. Sahib Ji is committed towards busting every myth regarding the ultimate power, the Supreme Lord, Satya Bhakti, Sant, Satguru, SantMat, Saar Naam and Moksha. He has brought about religious and spiritual revolution in the society with His spiritual powers by changing the lives of his blessed devotees. Sahib Bandgi Spiritual Organisation is registered under society named Sant Girdharanand Paramhans Sant Ashram with the competent authorities of Indian Government under Registration No: 1895/S/1992. The organisation is also popularly known as "Sahib Bandgi" meaning salutation (Bandgi) to the Supreme Lord (Sahib) who is present in every living being in the form of soul.