* Attention Please -
 Sahibji has appealed to all Satsangis to remove Sahibji’s images from their personal and public
profiles in Whatsapp as well as in Facebook and other networking sites.
Sahib Bandgi

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* Important Information for Satsangis on Facebook Some Miscreants are spreading a lot of misinformation about our Panth on Facebook
and some of our naamis are replying to these posts and also colluding with them.
All our naamis are requested to stay from such activities and not to reply them at all.
In this way we can stop these miscreants from getting publicity.
In the meanwhile we have started the process of registering a case against them with Cyber Crime Cell. Sahib Bandgi * Urgent Message From Sahibji

All the satsangis are requested to reach out to only the following
links for any nformation on Sahib Bandgi
►Website :
► Facebook :
► YouTube :
► WhatsApp : 9988875777
► Email :