Color Philosophy In Personal Analysis


Colors can be described as the silent language in which humans, animals, plants, and even immortals communicate. They are one of the most important elements of nonverbal or nonverbal communication that fills nature and surrounds all objects. Color psychologists describe it as one of the most important determinants of human behavior. Around it and adopt mostly one or one of its groups to be associated with it, and this indicates the existence of a relationship between the personality of the person and his impressions or reflections with what he likes or wants or chooses from colors; also affects the connection with others and colors vary widely among individuals. A variety of factors overlap in distinguishing color effects and their persistence in individuals such as sex, age, and other factors.


Color Functions


Colors affect human multiple Bnuah depending on the meanings formed by the people and cultures towards the color of the hand, and the effect of physiological colors, which is formed on the other hand, as well as psychological and emotional response to the cultural, geographical and environmental variables and others, stating colors. The colors, have seen different employments to turn away from various religions, including religious, environmental and ideological, and some of the colors still stand alone or in combination on symbols that were associated with previous historical periods, but retained their meanings until the character of the symbol and its definition. For example, Especially the bearing of certain signs used to express only a certain color, sacredness represents the color of yellow, and purity is represented by blue, while the red indicates the passion and appeal to the world Green symbolizes motherhood and fertility, and promotes the employment of its image colors cultural expression of the cultural heritage of the peoples and civilizations and immortalized in the legendary pillars of civilization woven connotations and markings.


How To Know Your Character From Your Favorite Color


Colors have been used in human life in various fields and have received great interest in trade, decoration, construction, clothing and other fields that directly or indirectly relate to the stereotypical life, civilization, and environment in which humans live. Colors have experimented with the sense, human feeling, mood, and temperament, exceeded the use of colors in human decorate offices, homes, pots and material possessions to enter the areas of medication and psychological control and motivational life, due to the force which Owned by the colors in influencing the reflections and the natures of the people and their personalities through their diversity and their extensions that provide warmth, energy, security and comfort for aficionados and patrons and Media.

Colors can define a person’s personality by choosing a particular color or group of colors he chooses and chooses permanently so that colors have the ability to classify human traits and attitudes; colors carry references to particular traits of their choice. Brown, for example, while violet indicates the sophistication and holds red color semantics thrill and excitement, has contributed to the colors of psychologists studies and their impact on the features of human figures in determining the individual ‘s personality and aspects of his personality depending on the color you desire or Live coupled with his preference, and in the following breakdown of the features of the characters depending on the colors.


• White color :

The white color indicates the purity of the individual and his self and his bed, and the people who like white color ability to fluctuate mood and move between psychological situations without stability, and stuck by the owners of closed personalities that refuse criticism and lack of observation and friendliness, and carries the white indications of cleanliness and attention Out.

• Black:

Black reflects the character of grief and mourning, but it does not indicate the same character in older women who are considered a symbol of decency and dignity. The black character is usually pessimistic, isolated and depressed, and is imputed to the personality of the holder as a non-social.

• Blue Color:

Personal blue energetic love movement and venturing for freedom and defend, quiet social character balanced carrying values and respects the advancement and love life, live personal color blue all the details Romntqah and make love, love art and music, her life and death Tstoyan if stripped of liberation, arts, and romance or identified Freedom.

• Green:

It is a personal color green personal artistic and sentimental delicate, take away their owners to stereotypes, calm and routine, and eat their normal life the popularity of movement and activity, and put themselves logical targets and then seek to achieve, and is characterized by the owners of this color accuracy, achievement and acne, and sustainability phase.

• Dark Green:

A leading figure who likes to control and show strength. The owners of this character tend to enjoy life, and strive to leave their traces and careers to others.

• Red color:

a passionate emotional character of contradictory dimensions, the owners live in love and jealousy and show violence and arrogance, enjoy the reading of romantic stories, and the news of conflict and fighting, showing their hardness and strength and characterized by boldness and passion.

• The yellow color:

A cheerful, optimistic and stubborn personality who loves renewal and change, appears in this character’s jealousy and vitality. Their owners possess unique energy and will to love change. The owners of this personality do not like to stick to a certain pattern; they tend to move between environments and experiment.

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• Violet:

Personality This sensitive delicate thin color lives both my joy and sadness, but it is frail with feelings of great friendliness and sincerity.

• Brown:

A religious character characterized by complacency, patience and honesty, the owners live with constant activity and a rush towards achievement no matter how they face failure and abandonment, and show the owners of this color a great ability to endure and start again.

• Orange:

A revolutionary figure who fights innovation and freedom. The owners of this color tend to independence in all their details, and do not care about customs or traditions.

• Pink:

A childish, dreamy, imaginative, weak-willed personality whose owners are characterized by kindness, inner peace and overconfidence. Perfumery is a dominant feature, and people of this color cannot rely more on reality than fantasy.

• Gray:

A very conservative and discreet figure, whose owners do not show their true features and are characterized by secrecy.

• Pistachio:

A realistic, balanced character that lives between fun and hustle.

• Beige Color:

This color gives his friends a quiet, self-confident, self-confident personality.

So which is your favorite color ?