Sahibji has established this spiritual organisation with only one prime objective i.e. to lead mankind towards the path of Satya Bhakti which is the ultimate path of salvation based on true wisdom of SantMat &#45path which was preached by the very first Saint &#45 Kabir Sahib. This will liberate the soul which is a part of Supreme Lord (Sahib) permanently from the endless cycle of birth and death, and the soul will then reach its true origin &#45 Amarlok. Our mission is to focus upon creating the awareness amongst mankind about the true ideology and teachings of Satya Bhakti which is above Sargun Bhakti and Nirgun Bhakti (worship of form and formless God), which all is the creation of Niranjan (Mind/God of Death).

Adoption of “Seven Golden Principles” is the pre-condition of Sant Satguru Madhu Paramhans Sahib for each individual being who wants to come under His fold of ideology i.e ‘Satya Bhakti’ (SantMat/Satguru Bhakti).

The Seven Golden Principles

Sahibji urges his devotees to adopt following 'Seven Golden Principles':
1. Always speak truth.
2. Be vegetarian.
3. Don't consume intoxicants e.g. alcohol and drugs.
4. Gambling in any form is not allowed.
5. Never steal nor buy stolen goods.
6. Be faithful to your own partner and practice celibacy with others.
7. Earn your livelihood thru legitimate means.

Kaag Palat Hansa Kar Deena Aisa Naam Purush Main Deena

I bless the soul with real Alive Holy Name that has been given by none other than the Supreme Lord which has the power to transform a crow into a swan.