December 9th, Satwari,Jammu(J&K)

Today, a divine spiritual satsang was held at Government School Satwari chowk,Jammu(J&K), in the august presence of Sadguru Madhu Paramhansji. Here satsangis gathered from all over. Bhandara was also organised in the School ground. 

Teen Lok Se Bhinn Pasara, Amarlok Sadguru Ka Nyara
Sahibji discussed in detail about the existence of Amarlok, the fourth Lok beyond the realm of the three lokas we know about. It is from here that our soul originated. Permanent Salvation is when our soul reaches its final abode, Amarlok. Inorder to reach Amarlok, One has to get the Holy Naam from Sadguru and follow His words completely. However one needs to be wary of his/her Mind, which sets up innumerable barriers and hurdles in our path. 

Sahibji told at length about the two options of attaining Moksh, one being a long and tough way of following Guru’s words throughout life and then attaining Amarlok or the even tougher way of extreme penance and meditation which takes ous to Amarlok while still alive. The first option requires us to be constantly focussed on Sadguru and keep our attention away from the worldly pleasures by doing Sumiran throughout in every breath. When we are able to do this, we will be able to surely attain Moksh at the end of our life.

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